DigitizedDNA is a SaaS company built on the analogy of how the human DNA works.
Genes, proteins, cellars (receptors) and the surrounding environment has an ongoing effect, which is precisely how a modern organization function as well – like an organism. 

DigitizedDNA is a digital tool that identifies and analyze an organizations DNA. DigitizedDNA is built upon a blueprint analysis, also known as the Genes36 method developed to identify the difficulties within an organization and furthermore specify how severe the problems are.

The principle is based on the theory that any organization, consist of 36 genes and 12 capabilities.

By performing a blueprint analysis, it is possible to help leaders understand their corporate challenges and provide the help needed to emphasize an agile culture and enforce digitalization in workflows.


Our mission is to prepare organizations to meet the digitized future, by optimizing capabilities for agility & digitization.
At DigitizedDNA we want to ensure motivation and contentment amongst employees, to ensure that the individual will flow and deliver their best performance.


Our vision is to be known as the consulting firm who developed the Genes36 method that transforms the organizational DNA to consolidate a digital and agile company culture.



Blueprint Analysis

A blueprint analysis is a digital tool to help organizations identify their challenges. A Blueprint Analysis is based upon 36 genes. It identifies, which genes are performing well, which genes should be developed further, and which genes are critical success factors.

Do you know the true challenges in your organization? 

Mindset Alignment

The most important thing in any business transformation is leadership alignment. 

A Mindset Alignment is a tool that creates maximum value. Because it gives management the capabilities to solve the task the company is facing.

Talks & Conferences

We need to understand the digitized future in order to transform, adapt and stay agile. 

DigitizedDNA Talks and Conferences are created on the basis of a need for relevance, authenticity, and quality in understanding the digitalized future.


Lead Advisors

Bo Steffan Nielsson

Digital Advisor

Bo has 35 years of experience as an Entrepreneur and Trusted Advisor.

He is educated in technology and help leaders transform their business.

Nadia Taarup Nielsson

Owner & founder

Nadia has +10 years of experience within sales and marketing, with a primary focus on SaaS organizations. She is a strong technical profile with a digital mindset.



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