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DigitizedDNA is built on the analogy of how the human DNA works. Genes, proteins, cellars (perception) and the surrounding environment has an ongoing effect on us humans, which is precisely how a modern organization function as well – like an organism
Different genes contain instructions to make different proteins, the same way that different business strategies will lead to a change in an organization. Any change in the DNA may change the protein’s shape. A protein’s shape is related to its function (what it does in the body). Changes in your DNA can stop proteins from doing their job, and this can cause conditions or diseases that affect your health. In the organization analogy this, of course, means that the organization would be unhealthy. Departments wouldn't work optimally, and people aren't happy in their work environment. But in the same way, those proteins also help our bodies grow, work properly, and stay healthy. Exactly like good leadership and good decisions and actions do in an organization.
In DigitizedDNA we have discovered 36 genes and 12 proteins (capabilities), which all are equally indispensable and described as the Genes36 method. 
The human body contains about 25,000 genes. Genes carry the information that determines your traits, which are features or characteristics that are passed on to you — or inherited — from your parents. In an organization, the genes also determine your features or characteristics. Each gene has a special job to do. The DNA blueprint spells out specific instructions—much like a leader in an organization — for making proteins in the cell. Proteins are the building blocks for everything in your body.

Organizations need to consider all aspects of the human beings working in their organization.

For years, most organizations have been working like a machine, with hierarchy, bureaucracy, and politics, as well as controlled silos. But people are starting to understand that a healthy and efficient organization, works as an organism. If an organization wants to avoid losing momentum and fall behind in nowadays digitalization, they need to be agile. They need to makes sure they have the right capabilities, have good aligned leadership and have dynamic teams, that are established based on the task at hand.
An organization can no longer rely on their experience. Digitalization has provided us with new tools that give us faster and better pathways of reaching the same goals as in the past. We reach them faster and easier. If you don't use the digital tools available to disrupt yourself, a competitor will do it sooner than later.  An organization needs to break the habit of "the boss" knows best, because a young intern, might as well, have figured out a new and improved way to provide a better product or service.
We help organizations disrupt themselves by showing them the critical success factors. Afterward, we show the organization exactly how they work with those challenges and align the leadership team, to guide the whole organization through the transformation needed.

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