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Blueprint Analysis

Do you know the true challenges in your organization? - We'll help you figure it out​

A Blueprint Analysis is based upon 36 genes and identifies, which genes are performing well, which genes should be developed further, and which genes are critical success factors.


When conducting a blueprint analysis an assessment will be distributed to identify the managers' perception of the ideal state and the employees' perception of the current state. Based on the result a digital analytic tool will create the gap analysis for the organization. 

The blueprint analysis is about figuring out where the bottlenecks in the organization are, and in which order, you should work your way through them. 


The Blueprint service consist of the following:

  • 1-hour interview with customer responsible  

  • Handling assessments and collecting perceptions polls.

  • Analyzing and organizing BLUEPRINT

  • Creating a customer report (PDF)

  • 2 hours workshop facilitation with management




Start-up Organization

DKK 10.000
1-10 respondents in the indicator

Small Organization

DKK 25.000
11 - 49 respondents in the indicator

Medium Organization

DKK 50.000
50 - 149 respondents in the indicator

Large Organization

DKK 100.000
150 - 249 respondents in groups/divisions. In split up indicator and in total

X-Large Organization

DKK 150.000
250 - 500 respondents in groups/divisions. In split up indicators and in total.

Enterprise Organization

Custom offer
+500 respondents
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