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Bo Nielsson
Digital Architect, Experienced trusted advisor
+45 29 11 20 11
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Book Bo for Blueprint analysis, Mindset Alignment, transformation, digital design, talks or conferences  


Bo has 35 years of experience as an Entrepreneur and Trusted Advisor. He has obtained a lot of hands-on experience in helping executives implement organizational change and digital transformation.


He founded Damgaard Data Consulting division and lead the company for 10 years.


Bo is educated in technology and has led 5 large culture transformation projects, helping leaders transform their business using digitalization as an enabler.  This has given him the knowhow to enforce workforce adaptability and process change when new capabilities are implemented and organizational workflows have to be digitized.


He has designed and developed ERP (Concorde XAL, C5 and Dynamics AX) and HRM standard solutions ( and has implemented +50 ERP/CRM solutions. He has negotiated and sold IP to Microsoft giving him the capability to understand  ‘the value’ of digital solutions that have to be embedded in new business models.  

As Lead Enterprise Architect in Microsoft Dynamics Consulting, he has been responsible for implementing accounts like LEGO, Jyske Bank and Saxo Bank.


He gets things done and meet deadlines. He speaks his thoughts, stand on his word, hate hidden agendas and avoid political conflicts. His focus is entrepreneurship, agility and digitization. He architects new business models and design digital services to fit the model. 


He facilitates blueprint analysis and Mindset Alignment helping leaders understand how to integrate new technologies, digitize capabilities and organize a flexible workforce.

Areas of expertise
  • Digital Business Architect

  • Digital Application Designer

  • Mentor, executive Level

  • Organizational transformation facilitator

  • Mindset Alignhment

  • Leadership Development

  • ERP, CRM & HRM process expert

  • Personal transformation guide

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