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Mindset Alignment

The most important thing in any business transformation is, leadership alignment

A Mindset Alignment is a tool that creates maximum value. Because it gives management the capabilities to solve the task the company is facing. The Mindset alignment is based on a number of shared tools that needs to be experienced rather than explained. The tools are tailored to the organizations' situation. but the goal is clear. DigitizedDNAs' ambition is to create a sustained business model. 

  The Mindset Alignment service consist of the following:

  • DigitizedDNA facilitators (2)

  • One-hour interview with each team member

  • Preparation and workshop facilitation

  • 2 days’ workshop with overnight accommodation (exclude in price paid by customer)

  • Documenting inputs from workshop

  • Creating a 2 hours workshop with report out 

  • (PowerPoint & PDF formats) as the final Mindset Alignment


Small organization

DKK 100.000
4-6 managers
4-6 days process

Medium organization

DKK 150.000
7-9 managers
6-8 days process

Large organization

DKK 175.000
10-14 managers
8-10 days process

X-large organization

15-30 managers
10-12 days process
With split up groups
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