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Nadia Nielsson
Owner & founder
+45 26 16 50 34
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 Nadia has +10 years of experience within sales and marketing, with a primary focus on SaaS organizations, covering both start-up businesses and some of the biggest companies in the world. She is considered as a strong technical profile with a digital mindset, and can provide support as a consultant and teach and educate young entrepreneurial spirits. 

The field of technology has become a passion of hers, meaning that, she has built some strong and useful capabilities throughout the years, leading to a broad knowledge about the tech industry. 

She has been the primary responsible project manager for cases where she had to oversee and keep track of deadlines in bigger IT solutions in the financial sector, as well as starting up sales departments in tech start-ups. She is able to succeed with projects like these, because she understands the language of tech and can act as the connecting link between developers, UX designers, and clients. 

Besides technology, sales, and marketing she is a profound coach, and firmly believe that anyone can do extraordinary things, with a little help to see everything clearly and understand their true capabilities. 

Nadia is the founder of DigitizedDNA, and have since January 2019 been the acting CEO. She created DigitizedDNA to help organizations define, structure and analyze their organizational DNA. And she believes in the necessity of a digital mindset in any and all organizations. 

DigitizedDNA suggest Nadia Nielsson 

Nadia is a SaaS expert, with a focus on digitization. 

With her digital mindset, she can help sales departments optimize through the means of a flexible workforce and new technologies. She facilitates blueprint analysis, consults and speaks at conferences, events and much more — a true entrepreneurial spirit with an inspirational personality. 

Areas of expertise
  • IT Solution Selling SaaS

  • B2C Sales

  • B2B Sales

  • SMB Sales

  • SME Sales

  • Enterprise Sales

  • Account Management

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Coaching

  • Marketing

  • Public Speaker

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