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Talks & Conferences

We need to understand the digitized future in order to transform, adapt and stay agile 

DigitizedDNA Talks and Conferences are created on the basis of a need for relevance, authenticity, and quality in understanding the digitalized future. DigitizedDNA perspectives on the trends that characterize the tech industry and the digital transformation in general.  The talks and conferences will be hosted by inspiring profiles and tailormade for the audience, to ensure the best output. 


DigitizedDNA have the following Talks at the moment:



Digital transformation, Disruption, Exponential technologies, Robotics, IoT, Cloud, AI, and Bloch Chain -> are all part of our journey now into the future.

Technology change and so do humans. The SINGULARITY is suggesting we integrate both worlds (human & technology) into one future world to improve life.


•    How can we as humans adapt to this integration fast enough?

•    What is psychologically natural for us to adopt with digital technologies?

•    If we don’t adapt to digital technology fast enough how will we be left behind?

•    Do we dare to invite AI into our homes, companies, and culture?


These topics will be discussed in depth with digital architect advisor Bo Nielsson on this talk.


Organize like an organism

For 100 years the industry has worked with the paradigm that the sales-, production- and service departments are prime to any organization and that’s why many still organize their workforce and dataflow accordingly. It’s what they assume is the correct model. Fact is that the old model is outdated.

The industry model is not flexible enough to accommodate the future need for more adaptability and agility in mindset, workflow, and digitization.


•    How do we organize a workforce with higher flexibility, mobility, and digital mindset?

•    How do we enforce more entrepreneurial leadership principles?

•    What is needed to digitized business models to better accommodate the futures way of selling,        co-operating with suppliers and delivering our “digital” offerings?

•    If leaders don’t adapt to digital technologies fast enough how will it impact the company?

•    How do we develop our ‘management voice’ to speak aligned with new generations while not                forgetting the experienced we have already?


These topics will be discussed in depth with our transformation facilitator & experienced advisors Bo Nielsson on this talk.

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